The more you sit on a problem, the bigger it gets.  To get here I had to figure out that farts and problems have similar characteristics: the ones that build and then seep out with no indication that they are, in fact, being released will smell worse than the ones that just explode and, with a loud trumpet sound, announce their presence.

Furthermore, there is no shame in admitting that the fart is yours and that it’s OK to leave the room and escape.  Problems, like farts, will make some people run away, but others -the brave ones (or the ones who have a cold)- will stick around even if they can tell what you had for lunch yesterday.

When it’s time to pick a person (of any gender, denomination, political inclination, carnivore or vegetarian) make sure they will stick around for the quick explosions that say “we have a problem” and won’t run away when the bad stuff rises from where it’s been hidden…whether it’s a problem or some gas, you want someone who will be there, even if the situation is not the most palatable…